Friday, 22 July 2011

Dakar cars help local youngsters

The Up and Under Foundation teamed up with Rally Raid International to raise funds at the recent Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. The money raised will be used to subsidise adventurous trips run by local schools, Scouts and other youth groups.

Andy Fewtrell of the Up and Under Group said that “visitors to the event were generous in their support paying at least £10 for a ride around an off road circuit in a desert race car” In total we raised £925.

The Charity, founded in 2007 by Crewe based civil engineering specialists has helped a number of local organisations this year including Underwood West Junior School and the Wilson House Scout group.

Rally Raid International provided one of the cars and a driver to support the fund raising event. The Desert Warrior car has completed the Dakar Rally, probably the toughest motorsport event in the world, so took the bump and dips of the Cholmondeley course in its stride.

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

See what happens between rallies

This is so much fun!

Hold on there ;o)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

News Report

This is the TV report, the link below is the whole interview

Arctic 4x4 - Linus on the TV

Here is another of the teams in the race.


Swedish TV appearance

Arctic 4x4 Rally - Up and Under Foundation

If you want to supportthe Up and Under Foundation you can on

Day 8 and 9

Day 8

The end of the rally is drawing near and today we have a short day with some difficult navigation to get through the woods so that we can get to the ferry.  After a nice hotel stop we set of at the luxurious hour of 9 o'clock. 

Some of the drivers at the start with Martin as race director
Tina (Rally Lady) was having a fun time with only two gears due to a mysterious clutch problem.  The rest of the remaining cars set off with much fun and team spirit in the air as we now all wanted to get to the finish.

Peter and Thomas - have laughed and
smiled the whole race through - great people
As we had collected all the points with several hours to go before the ferry we had some time for playing and this gave me a chance to get the skis out.

Later when we arrived in Turku we walked up the river to the town from the docks - no really up the river!

Then it was off to the ferry.  This was uneventful, but was noteworthy because the ferry pushed through ice the whole way and the noise on the car deck was incredible.
Day 9

We were woken on the ferry at 5.30am and made our way to the car ready for a short navigation section through Stockholm.  We were constantly promised warmer weather but it was still -22C when we set off.  10 locations later and we were handed the location of the finish point.  As we drove the final kilometers we reflected on what a fantastic event this had been, the people who had made it special, the beautiful scenery, the animals, the cars and especially how much effort Torbjorn and Hanna had put into the organisation.  The reason I rally is to enjoy adventures with other people as crazy as me, this has been one of the best!

Torbjorn and Hanna - the reason we were all able to do it!

The reason we wanted to do it!
Oh and BTW we won ;o)